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Alongside everything in the deluxe package, this package includes an LLC operating agreement. With their LLC formation service, you’ll also get an LLC seal and an LLC kit. CorpNet is the only service provider that gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days. It is easy to use, fast, and has reliable customer service. ZenBusiness and CorpNet offer their Premium Packages at $249, but without a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. They offer only 60 days of registered agent service with their cheapest LLC formation package and a year of service with their higher-priced packages.

  • CorpNet is the only service provider that gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days.
  • Well, this seems annoying to many customers, as they have to go through a lot of hassle before having the price idea.
  • They will then request expedited service from the state office.
  • If you are inclined to make a decision about working with a company based on their customer feedback, check out CorpNet reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Even knowing how to do the business filings, I would still have them do it because they take the stress out of it.

This can be a lifesaver to ensure you don’t forget to send in your annual report or complete any other important filings in your state. On the other hand, Northwest charges $100 for annual report service, which CorpNet offers for just $69. All told, both of these companies do a good job helping keep you compliant into the future, but they each have their strengths in this regard as well. As you’ll see in this comparison, both Northwest and CorpNet are reputable and affordable incorporation services. Alternatively, you can simply form an LLC with Mark Cuban’s recommended service, ZenBusiness. CorpNet offers a free service they call the “Business Structure Wizard.” This is a proprietary questionnaire that will show you what business entity you should consider using.

They are one of the top-rated quality-to-price ratio services. Registered Agent services are only free for 60 days with the Basic plan. Registered Agent Service– CorpNet includes a year of Registered Agent Service in its top two package tiers.

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Entrust your business’s legal filings in Nevada to one of these top rated registered agent services. Trusted by others for personalized service and reliable filing with fast turnaround times. Get the best registered agent services in Texas with our top 7 reviews & rankings. We help make it easy for business owners to choose from reliable, experienced agents so you can focus on what you do best.

It costs $79, minus the state fee and other add-ons, i.e., registered agent, print delivery, and so on. LegalZoom goes a step ahead of the others when it comes to providing customer support. They have extended service hours, which run from 10 am-8 pm ET on weekdays and 10 am-7 pm ET on weekends.


CorpNet is the only provider that keeps your personal information private from third parties. CorpNet protects all your information on their site with Norton, the widely trusted security solution. The particular Norton guarantee they use provides $10,000 in identity theft support and $1,000 in purchase protections, in the unlikely case that their security is compromised. The family-owned company does an excellent job of translating a personal touch to their work while handling a considerable volume of clients.

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CorpNet serves as your company’s registered agent for service of process in any state for an annual fee of $149 per year. You can also add registered agent service by buying one of their incorporation service packages. And, once you upgrade to a more expensive package, you do get a full year of registered agent service. There are still better deals out there, but CorpNet is a good value. There are several advantages to using CorpNet to start your LLC, but there are some drawbacks as well.

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The service provider works with businesses in the US and foreign residents, providing business incorporation and corporate compliance services. As one of the most well-established L.L.C. formation legal services provider, it’s highly reputable. It’s among the firms responsible for pioneering online limited liability company registration.

How Much is CorpNet?

Finally, this package includes a full year of registered agent services. All these are in addition to every service the basic package includes. CorpNet has virtually no complaints considering how many customers have reviewed it online. A few customers note that there are LLC formation services that offer lower rates with most of the same benefits.

CorpNet reviews are written on a number of sites and they reveal the customer satisfaction the company ensures for each and every new and seasoned entrepreneur they encounter. I used CorpNet last year to file my LLC formation paperwork and obtain an EIN. While they were responsive and filed everything in a timely manner, there were mistakes that made it not worthwhile in the end. Don’t always expect someone to answer your phone call though. You should also know exactly how the end documents and process looks like because not once documents will be processed with a mistake or two.

If your business might end up operating across multiple states, you might want a Certificate of Good Standing. CorpNet helps business owners obtain the certificate through their state secretary by taking care of any filing or paperwork needed for only $94. This certificate shows that an LLC is considered to be in good standing with its state of residence. Businesses also require the right licenses and permits to get their services going, so CorpNet assists with that, too. A business needs the right permits specific to their locale and industry to run legally, making them fundamental to operation. Automatic compliance alerts will remind you of any important dates.

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Of course, they’re not perfect for every single business customer, so let’s discuss a couple of scenarios where you may or may not want to use their services. What’s unique is that we are a socially conscious organization focused on doing good while growing as a company. ZenBusiness has a partnership with to help lift people out of poverty through financial lending and loan money to help women- and minority-owned businesses get off the ground. LLC University® is an educational company and does not offer legal, tax, or financial advice.

The same with Active Filings the They promise that you’ll get 100% satisfaction guarantee from using their business. However, if you aren’t satisfied while using CorpNet Registered Agent Service for your business within 60 days after your purchase, and would like a refund, you can always get one. They’ll make sure to pay you back your service fees with no questions. What’s more, is that you can get 24 hours of document submission to your state.


In phase three, all you need to do is fill up your name as per your legal document. LegalZoom and CorpNet offer quality services that will get the job done, but each has its own unique selling point. The final decision only depends upon your specific business situation. If you are looking for comprehensive LLC services with a personalized legal touch, try BetterLegal, which also offers a $30 discount through

Is There a Better Deal to Start My LLC?

Built on strong family values, Corpnet is the best deal for delivering a great customer experience. Compare services & costs of the top LLC providers in California. Find the best value for forming & maintaining your LLC with our detailed reviews & rankings. Discover the top LLC services in Massachusetts with our detailed reviews.

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But it does mean that you will have to sign an agreement with Registered Agents, Inc., since they’re a different company than Corpnet. Keep in mind that these turnaround times reflect how long it will take Corpnet to process your LLC formation order and submit the necessary documents to the state. Once these documents have been submitted to your state, you will have to wait anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for them to be approved and your business to officially be formed. In addition to affordable packages, ZenBusiness also offers exclusive website features with dependable legal services. Both websites provide their new and returning customers with valuable materials. This includes advice on document filing, definitions of technical terms, and a valuable frequently asked questions section.

The company has been active in the market since 1997 and has already formed over 100,000 businesses, having a large number of satisfied customers. Overall, Corpnet can be a good option to start a corporation if you’re looking for streamlined service. They take care of everything from legal advice to basic paperwork filling to ensure you don’t go through all the complicated steps involved in the LLC creation process. Corpnet also ensures your information is completely safe through the Norton Shopping Guarantee, which offers identity theft support and other purchase protections. Stop wasting time and get a reliable registered agent service in Indiana for your business.

You can see that all of the post closing trial balance LLC service reviews on the Internet are positive. People appreciate their fast and high-quality work because CorpNet really does its best. CorpNet provides customer service by phone or email, and advertises a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on its website.

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The cheapest price plan does not specify the exact processing time, though. However, judging by numerous customer reviews, it does not exceed 2-3 days. That’s not a bad price, especially considering that it comes with Free Registered Agent service for one full year.

CorpNet was founded by Philip and Nellie Akalp, an entrepreneurial couple, in 2009. CorpNet has served more than 100,000 clients and their customer service is praised across all review websites. In contrast, CorpNet has a simple, two-page order form that is easy to complete.