Prashanth Elangovan is a social activist, volunteer, vlogger, entrepreneur and a resident of Watford, Hertfordshire, England.

Prashanth supports and works closely within the local community:

  • For eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable developments
  • To support local businesses
  • For locally driven initiatives to combat crime
  • For better education and equal opportunities
  • For a greener and cleaner community
  • Volunteering at the covid vaccination centre supporting the NHS

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While there are many different family structures including single parent families, foster families or nuclear families, they all form the backbone in building a society where people are supported and cared for.


I am proud to be part of the cosmopolitan and diverse community we have in Watford. Investing in our communities is investing in our future!


As a career educator and instructor, I personally understand the opportunities that a good education can offer and help people elevate themselves socially and economically.


Housing is an integral part of offering safety, security and social equitability to our citizens. We can only achieve a fair and equitable community in Watford when everyone here.


Health and Well-being is after all at the heart of our being, both as an individual and collectively as a community.


Feeling that our homes and our communities are safe in quintessential in our ability to function and excel in our lives.

Jobs and Local Economy

Watford was once leading not just in our country or even Europe, but the word, with the largest printing company and a thriving printing industry right at our door steps. 


Transport is the backbone to development and a thriving economy. Unfortunately, our local government has failed to invest thoughtfully in developing our local transport facilities.

Environment & Green

Global warming is a threat we are all facing today. But how can we address this immediate and now very visible threat and be able to give our future generations a world to live in?

Ready to Make a Change?

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