Dear Friends, Residents and Constituents of Meriden and Tudor,

Watford is dear to my heart. I lived in the Tudor Ward for over 18 years and it continues to be where my extended family and friends live. Watford has been where we bring up our son and where my family & I actively spend time in our wonderful parks, support local businesses, and where the people I work, laugh and spend time with live.

As a town within easy access to London, the north and the west, with a proud history of industry and a fast-growing cosmopolitan population, Watford has the potential to be a great town!

However, instead of enabling a flourishing local economy, and a sustainably developing community that is eco-friendly as well as promoting well-being, our local government is contributing to:

  • Unsustainable over development of housing with high rise buildings and insufficient car parking
  • Underdeveloped infrastructure and public amenities
  • Rising costs in Council Tax
  • Reduced frequency in waste bin collection
  • Lack of sufficient support for small business that create local jobs in our parades and high streets
  • Lavish spending on vanity projects such as the Beryl bikes and mismanagement of cosmetic redesigning of the High Street Pond
  • Lack of effective locally driven initiatives to combat crime
  • Reduced greenery and lack of eco-friendly development

As Benjamin Disraeli once said “No government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition”

An unopposed Watford Lib Dem-run local council is neither secure, nor can it offer sensible and sustainable governance for growth, prosperity and well-being.

Our locally elected officials have failed us…..

Our growth, security and well-being are in jeopardy…..

As a resident and stake holder in the growth of my home town Watford, I am eager to be actively involved in serving our local community and represent you as your local Councillor.

I believe with strong representation and a voice to question the current Lib Dem-run local council policies, proposed projects and expenditures, I can help bring to our government:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Direction toward public well-being

With me as your local representative, I will:

1. Bring focus back to basics and work hard to: 

  • Establish better local community support programmes
  • Decrease Council Tax sustainably
  • Improve street lighting
  • Improve waste management
  • Cut spending on vanity projects that have a low or insignificant return over investment
  • More green trees and a greener Meriden, Tudor and Watford
  • Cleaner and safer local community for better well-being

2. Help direct development that is sustainable, challenge our local government’s policies that results in projects such as the eleven high-rise buildings now planned on St Albans Road without adequate infrastructure to support its growth resulting in a rapid increase in population affecting:

  • Spaces in local schools for children, compromising quality of education
  • Ability of local GPs to provide much needed quality health care
  • Car parking needs for families moving into new developments
  • Traffic, Noise and Carbon pollution

3. Work collaboratively with our local government and help support small businesses recover from the pandemic and improve local job opportunities by:

  • Surveying the needs of our local businesses
  • Supporting local networks
  • Encourage and support our local government to better work with chambers of commerce
  • Helping establish and improve Business Improvement Districts within our locality
  • Help with lower rent for council owned and rented premises
  • Plan strategic rental forgiveness to small business who have been significantly affected by the pandemic

I would like to work with each and every one of our local residents towards our common goals, towards the betterment of Meriden, Tudor and Watford.

So please may I ask for your support with the following:

  • Help spread this important message to everyone around you
  • Share this page with ALL of your social media followers
  • Contact me with your email to enable me to keep you informed of local developments
  • Volunteer for change, when and where you can
  • Get involved in our movement to change and improve Meriden, Tudor and Watford

I am confident that with your help and us working together as a team, we can find the right solutions to our local challenges.

With your help and support, it will be my honour and privilege to serve and represent you in our local government as Your Councillor for:

  • Meriden Ward
  • Meriden-Tudor Hertfordshire County Council Division

I am here to serve you and our community and help shape the growth and prosperity of Meriden, Tudor and Watford.

Thank you.


While there are many different family structures including single parent families, foster families or nuclear families, they all form the backbone in building a society where people are supported and cared for.


I am proud to be part of the cosmopolitan and diverse community we have in Watford. Investing in our communities is investing in our future!


As a career educator and instructor, I personally understand the opportunities that a good education can offer and help people elevate themselves socially and economically.


Housing is an integral part of offering safety, security and social equitability to our citizens. We can only achieve a fair and equitable community in Watford when everyone here.


Health and Well-being is after all at the heart of our being, both as an individual and collectively as a community.


Feeling that our homes and our communities are safe in quintessential in our ability to function and excel in our lives.

Jobs and Local Economy

Watford was once leading not just in our country or even Europe, but the world, with the largest printing company and a thriving printing industry right at our door steps. 


Transport is the backbone to development and a thriving economy. Unfortunately, our Lib Dem-run local council has failed to invest thoughtfully in developing our local transport facilities.

Environment & Green

Global warming is a threat we are all facing today. But how can we address this immediate and now very visible threat and be able to give our future generations a better world to live in?

Ready to Make a Change?

  • You can be part of this fight for what we believe in!
  • Help effect change!
  • Become part of our exciting Team!
  • Would you like to discuss any of your concerns?


I am happy to hear from you!


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